President's Letter - Bao Chau Tran, MD


BCT Medical Associate's network physicians and staff all strive to deliver quality comprehensive care and the safest perioperative experience. We stress the importance of educating our patients by addressing their questions and concerns. We empower our patients by discussing options when available so patients can participate in their care path. We advocate for our patients by implementing preadmission testing and optimization protocols to improve patient safety in all of our facilities that we provide anesthesia. Every anesthesiologist is personally vetted by me for their multiple skill sets, professionalism, and can offer monitored anesthesia care with and without sedation, general anesthesia of various techniques, and state-of-the-art ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia techniques for post-operative pain control. Our pain program does not promote narcotics but institutes multi-modal conservative therapies combined with minimally-invasive interventional procedures to promote a higher functional quality of life. Our dual-physician narcotic control system adds a level of patient protection and prevents abuse. Our multi-specialty physicians are consulted in complex pain cases to achieve better comprehensive care. Here at BCT Medical Associates, we choose to operate at a higher level of professionalism and to always be the pioneer in delivering quality, comprehensive care in a dynamic medical environment.


Bio Chau Tran - President, BCT Medical Associates